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Mind usually carries out his villainous plans through an organization called the Monster Society of Evil. After a brief appearance in issue 26, Mister Mind is eventually revealed in Captain Marvel Adventures 27 to be a cartoonish alien worm with spectacles and a talkbox around his neck to amplify his voice. Despite his small size, Mister Mind continues to use his powers of intellect and telepathy to battle Captain Marvel in subsequent chapters of the serial, eventually recruiting numerous other allies from Alligator-Men to Adolf Hitler and all of the Axis Powers.

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This means you're free to copy and share these comics but not to sell them. More details. Archive What If? A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. You can get posters, prints, and t-shirts in the xkcd store. Thanks a bunch, dude.

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There is also a reference to the book "The Little Prince" in the second panel, where there is a large bulge in the snake that looks like an elephant. The fifth panel is probably a reference to Beecock, a notorious set of shocker images. This could be slightly rewritten as: "This comic takes place in a dystopian future where the government is afraid of dissent, so it tracks everyone at all times, and some people privately doubt the government, but not enough to stop submitting information to Facebook.

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This image changed based on the size of the browser window including different panels at different sizes. This is a reference to the question "Why do hot dogs come in packages of 6 while buns come in packages of 8? This comic also features recursive imagery similar to Self Description where the third panel embeds the entire comic within itself.

Thus, what the viewer is viewing the comic on, where they live, or where they came from determines which comic they actually see. Megan is distracted from her conversation with Cueball by realizing that the space behind his head, from her vantage point, contains millions of galaxies.

Sergey Brin born August 21, is an American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur who, with Larryco-founded Google, one of the most profitable Internet companies.

When questioned, she replies that the add-on is Firefox, which isn't an add-on at all and is instead a different browser. Firefox shows the history when it crashes.

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On the left, the topmost dialog, with profile information, shows that the user has posted 1, tweets, but only follows people and has even fewer followers, at a measly This is marked with a sad face, implying that the user wants more followers. Another reference to crashing web browsers. When completing jigsaw puzzles, a common strategy is to figure out where the pieces must be from their geometry rather than from the picture they create.

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The world's longest snake is the python, the longest ever being 33 feet or approx. Thus, this April Fools comic changes based on the browser, location, or referrer.

Information about how the wide variety of data was collected and credit for the viewers who contributed can be found here. Another interpretation could be that he decides that since she did not even bother to go outside to see such a spectacular sight he will not tell her about it. A reference to Jurassic Park which has been constantly referred to before in this comic.

Everything about you shapes the world you inhabit -from your ideology to your glasses prescription to your browser window size. But it was only due to the April Fool joke, as it did replace the comic that would have been Wow fuck that guy comic for Monday, April 2nd. This was the third April fools' comic released by Randall. If this is the case, then it would be a reference to umwelt, as Cueball would be living in a world where the auroras do not reach his location.

Below that is the "trending tags" dialog for the United States. Because there are millions of people who use Google, it is likely that at least some of the time Brin would be asleep, thus he would need to be woken. That way, she wouldn't have felt sad that she missed out. Cueball could possibly also be red-green colorblind, seeing the green aurorae as grey "clouds". Reference to the gospel song "There's no hiding place down here" by The Carter Familylater covered by Stephen Stills. The comic humorously implies that Chrome is looking for that piece.

This was the first that could be different for different readers.

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The joke here is the extreme length of snakes. Specific AltText for this image: Umwelt is the idea that because their senses pick up on different things, different animals in the same ecosystem actually live in very different worlds. And yet another could be that he did not think it was interesting. In this case, the text suggests that Chrome believes the puzzle piece connects to the pieces which form one of the corners of the puzzle, which may seem impossible because any piece that links up to a corner would usually have at least one flat edge, which this piece has none.

Reference to referencing, because Reddit, as a referring site, likes references to its referencing in its references. The blue and orange circles refer to the hit game Portal.

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Also referencing the film 2 Fast 2 Furiousan entertaining, yet intellectually unprovoking sequel in a popular film franchise, which is aimed at teenagers and young adults, prompting the blunt response from the stickman. This panel references Google Chrome's error screen, which shows a puzzle piece.

As a result, there are actually multiple comics that went up on April Fools' Day, although only one is seen. Rockmelt is a social-media-based browser. Another, more sexual reference to this question can be found in Hot Dogs. The joke is that "Gold " users can supposedly block other users from viewing images they have posted.

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This the idea of umwelt mentioned in the top of the context where different individuals perceive the world differently. The final part of the joke is that when zooming out it turns out that there is a tortoise behind Black Hat and he has actually already turned it over for what it did. Browser: Firefox Incognito only? Location: Texas on Chrome Version Cueball as an analyst attempts to psychoanalyze Black Hat's classhole tendencies.

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In the tweet feed, there are three tweets about some podcast on the top, followed by the tweet containing link they clicked on to get to the comic, tweets about Rob Delaney, unspecified passive-aggressive tweets, and a tweet from Horse Ebooks retweeted by one of the users the reader follows.

This would serve as an example for the theme of the comic, as a non-colorblind person and a colorblind person seeing the same color would perceive it differently, one seeing it as its true color, and the other seeing it without the shade of color they cannot see. The Little Prince starts out by mentioning a drawing that the author made when he was six that showed an elephant inside a snake.

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Possible reference to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Possibly a veiled criticism of Facebook. If this is the same Megan, perhaps she learned that there actually were northern lights in her area from another source, and so desperately wanted to have another chance to see them. The next comic, Fountainwas first released on Wednesday, April 4th. Randall says that reading the news articles on it has distracted him from making that comic.

Netscape Navigator was a web browser popular in the s. An Umweltas the title text explains, is the idea that one's entire way of thinking is dependent on their surroundings. The title text is an imaginative leap from this scenario: that the galaxies would be up to no good once Cueball is turned away from them.

1. the original "new guy" comic.

This is similar to an incredible photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope, in which a tiny dark area of space in fact contained numerous galaxies. However, more complicated puzzles have complex shapes and are not always simply approximate squares with tabs and blanks. One could interpret that since Megan didn't go out and therefore missed seeing the Aurora northern lightsCueball in his knit cap lied about it.

Below that is an unidentified dialog full of "stuff your eyes automatically ignore". Davean xkcd's sysadmin : "[This] comic isn't available everywhere and it can come up i[n] some situation[s] only for recognized browsers. Cueball's quote and the whole setup is a direct reference to the movie Blade Runner and Black Hat is taking the Voight-Kampff test which is used to identify replicants from real humans. This is presumably a reference to Booan enemy from certain Mario games who moves toward Mario only Wow fuck that guy comic Mario is facing away from Boo. This is probably a reference to the 4chan Goldan implementation on 4chan that does not actually exist, and is usually used to trick newcomers into revealing their credit card s.

It is full of tags about word games, tags about misogyny, and tags about Justin Bieber. But that dystopian future is now. Randall makes the joke that as the founder of Google, Brin's permission would be needed to use Google Chrome. When the Google Chrome web browser does not have the required software called a plug-in to display a web 's content, it displays a puzzle piece icon and an error message. Full size. Black Hat's reason for not helping the tortoise is that it knows what it did and thus in Black Hat's world view it deserves being turned over.

The term Mile High Club or MHC is a slang term applied collectively to individuals who have had sexual intercourse while on board an aircraft.

Mister mind

In Year in Review a possibly different Megan has a completely different approach to the chance of seeing northern lights, as that was the only event she was looking forward to inand it failed. The fools comic was Headache from Friday April 1st The next was Externalities released on Monday April 1st This comic was released on April 1 even though that was a Sunday only the third comic to be released on a Sunday.

Cueball is complaining about Google Chrometo which Ponytail replies that there is an add-on that fixes what he is complaining about. And finally, on the bottom is the background colour, which is "a really pleasant blue". Two different versions shown, the narrower version the single panel with all the text for mobile devices.