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Mami chula

One year later, the club, based in Uptown Manhattan, has amassed more than members, known as chulas. Expect politics, arts, analysis, personal essays and more.

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Instead, Mendoza is committed to making the Mami Chula Social Club accessible to immigrant and working-class women, giving them entry to events from which they might otherwise have been excluded. For many women, dues this steep can be out of reach — a reality that has raised concerns about the exclusionary nature of so-called corporate feminism.

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Mendoza hopes to welcome an intergenerational spectrum of women from all walks of life. The single Dominican moms had become empty nesters, confronting the reality of rebuilding their social lives in middle age.

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Supported by. Let us know: elespace nytimes. But things clicked when she hosted another event, this time including their mothers. By Isabelia Herrera.

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Mild head injuries are common in active children, but in our Opinion s, a lawyer writes that black and Latino parents are more likely than white parents to be investigated for child abuse when they take their children to the hospital. Style Meet the Mami Chulas.

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Until then, Mendoza is eager to continue uplifting the women of her neighborhood. She hopes to secure a physical space soon, especially as gentrification in the neighborhood surges and increased rents threaten the remaining old-school Dominican social clubs in Washington Heights.

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What else do you want to see in El Espace? Only 3 percent of the lead or co-lead roles in the top-grossing films from to went to Latinos.

Meet the mami chulas

Meet the Mami Chulas. Her memory of these images were, in part, what inspired Mendoza, 26, to create a space of her own in the Mami Chula Social Club.

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Members include stay-at-home mothers, lawyers, artists, writers and bartenders, but Mendoza says they share a universal belief in the intimate and communal spirit of the group. Claudia Mendoza created a social club with events for Latina women who span generations.

Afro-Dominican models on the cover of its September issue. A study released this week found that Latino actors are still underrepresented in Hollywood.

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El Espace is a column dedicated to news and culture relevant to Latinx communities. Members have expressed interest in more educational activities, as well as smaller interest-based offshoots.

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A germ for the idea sprouted in summerwhen Mendoza organized a kickball game with her girlfriends, who played against each other in matching pink T-shirts. She keeps costs low — applications are free, and there are no annual dues. This intergenerational event got her thinking: Why not create a private club exclusively for people like her friends and their mothers?