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For some trans and gender diverse people, the use of prosthetics, or particular gear for gender expression, can help with feeling more comfortable, affirmed, attractive, or just more like ourselves. Prosthetics like packers, Stand To Pee devices STPsand breast forms can be used or worn, or simply just experimented with. A packer is a realistic or semi-realistic looking penis made out of material like silicone or even just a rolled up sock.

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A guide to soft packing and soft packers was one of the first blog posts I ever made on this site. This guide will cover the basics of packers, like what they are and the different kinds of packers that are available, as well as provide information on how to decide what packer is right for you. If you have any questions still, please let me know! So packers are a kind of phallic object that are worn in underwear in order to create a bulge. They may be more or less phallic, but all have the aim of creating the appearance of having a penis.

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The 5. Nicholas — May 17, A fantastic and one of a kind packer.

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I wear Carhartt duck pants. Andre — July 16, Pierre is my first packer and I absolutely love it! My favorite part about the Pierre packer is not having to be forced into getting a cut looking packer, and unwillingly support circumcision. Kay — February 5, At first I was still worried when I got it in the mail becos it looks really small compared to the limpy. I have never experienced a texture and quality like this one!

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Compatible with all products accepting a standard size bullet vibrator. It feels natural and I love it. I often forget its not real. Adam — July 26, Vic — October 30, The only thing is I ordered from etsy so this might be why I ordered the Archer packer and instead i got the uncircumcised version.

The size being too small was my fault, however my Pierre had arrived in the wrong colour. Even without taking it out of the bag I could tell it was WAY too small. It felt almost like a part of my body right when I first tried it on, and that actually turned me on a little.

Jimmy — April 14, I put this packer on and have never felt more comfortable wearing one. My first packer was the extra-small Mr Limpy. As far as the logistics: Pierre fits flawlessly into most of my mid- and high-rise lingerie bottoms sans packing strap. Also, I love this packer and the Archer because they come in non-realistic colours.

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I live in a pretty progressive metropolitan city, so soft-packing in public is definitely a privilege. Finally, a packer with foreskin! When ordering my Pierre I was having a hard time deciding on colour due to my very pale skin tone, but I can see now that my original choice of caramel was better. Product total. Emmett — January 31, I bought the extra small Pierre about 6 months ago and I love it! Limpy and a small Packer Gear one, and both felt too big and bulky for me to wear casually, especially because I usually wear tight pants.

Will keep an eye out. Thanks for selling! Very high quality product. Side note- put the teal one on your face and you too can look like Squidward! Options total.

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Alexander — March 27, I have two Pierres to talk about, the first an extra small in cashew, the second a regular in caramel. I expected it to be metallic purple like shown on this but it arrived a more pastel lilac, almost pink, color. More than I can say for some of my jeans! I had ordered it in caramel, but it had arrived in cashew.

Pierre has held up nicely through regular wear and some play: no discoloration, tears, or loss in elasticity. There is an ideal Pierre packer for everyone on the gender masculine spectrum.

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It lays flat against my body and I do not use a harness with it. Pierre is the best selling intact packer in the United States and one of our ature products.

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Since my first Pierre had arrived in the wrong colour I was able to contact customer service and exchange the XS cashew for a regular in caramel with an extra charge to make up for the size difference. No jeans, nothing tight.

I ordered the second-to-lightest color and it feels right for my skin tone. Even though I know cognitively this is a somewhat mass produced item it feels like it was made for me. My only wishes are, one, for a retractable foreskin in later edition and, two, for a larger version, perhaps with a bit more girth and a length nearer to six inches.


I ordered the purple, based on the photographs here and social media sites. This silicone packer features over unique skinfolds throughout the shaft and subtly asytemtical testicles. I was wrong. I bought the 5. I am so happy my first packer is Pierre. It looks great in fitted denim. I bought it in purple and the colour is really lovely. I got the 5.

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Dawn — May 5, I feel more confident to wear whatever I want. Grand total. Helena Fleabody — May 30, As evidenced by the comments and copy here, my ilk is a minority, and when I began pursuing my first gender-affirming soft cock, I only knew of one similarly-inclined person who soft-packed, and by all s, she seemed to do so discreetly ie, beneath skirts and loose fitting clothing.

It has a good weight, and feels nice and firm, but also with a nice squish texture. But once in my boxers and jeans, it looks amazing! Loooove it! I shave, which may or may not aid the packer in conforming to my body during wear.

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Its easy to clean and is easy to adjust. This new packer is MUCH better. Although the 5. K — April 23, If I had to complain, it would be that I wish it came smaller, like, three inches small. I now wear it primarily in a harness before boxer briefs. My favorite packer by wear and feel but was very disappointed when it arrived. Kaito — September 11, It was my first attempt at packing and I love it!

As mentioned, tight pants also help to hold it in place. It is a very quality packer. I will certainly buy another one down the road.

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This made me kind of disappointed because I much prefer the look of the circumcised packer. I plan to order the regular size Pierre for packing at home; I have the regular Archer but it feels very weird to switch from natural to circumcised; although most of my age-group cis male peers are probably circumcised,a natural packer feels, well, more natural!

Darian — June 15, Very comfortable and gives a realistic bulge.

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Regular Caramel. NYTC, please give us size queens what we want. ART — September 23, This is my favourite forever packer!

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I own three and this is now my go-to. It fits just right for me. I bought a standard-sized Pierre in purple roughly four months ago. The bulge looks and feels real.

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J — October 5, I have never loved an object like I love this packer. Gray — March 20, The large packer from this brand is enormous, please do not listen to the size queens in the comments. View product here for sizing. I bought the XS Cashew and looove it. It feels like the perfect proportion for my body.

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