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The world of the commercially and critically acclaimed Naruto anime and manga is a bizarre blend of mystical fantasy and science fiction. This combination of genres also le to nearly every supernatural feat in Naruto having some kind of biological or scientific explanation.

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But she had no desire to look as old as she truly was so she used her unparalleled medical skills to mask her aging appearance. The change affects her both internally and externally to alter her height, weight, bone structure and body shape to match what she looked like at different stages of her life.

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He used to compliment her physique and put forward his feelings many times. Tsunade is one of those people who makes a strong bond with Naruto. In her fight against Madara, she was able to damage his Susanoo, to which Madara himself compliments her strength. But things did not go as planned.

She was called a legendary Sanin in the war. From that moment on, she could not stand the sight of blood.

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Naruto's mother, Kushina, was also an Uzumaki and might have had some relation to Mito Uzumaki. This is not suited for a Hokage and a shinobi.

Fans may have noticed the interactions between Tsunade and Sakura being formal with both respecting each other. But it is never revealed how much of her age has been shortened.

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She had to fight on the frontlines of the war. It is known for a fact, that Naruto is a distant relative of Tsunade. Unlike Kakashi, who actively takes part in the village's decision.

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So a mere lackey like Kabuto should not give her a hard time. Contradictorily, in the latest entry in the Naruto series, Borutoshe is nowhere to be found. Here's the catch, for every injury Tsunade heals with her Creation Rebirth Technique, her lifespan shortens. Sage Mode is the absorbing of chakra from nature and using it in battle. The only bits of information out there is fan's speculation, that lacks solid proof. But the final say is of Masashi Kishimoto, who is yet to say anything about it.

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It is a big plothole and needs to be explored further. Despite seeing two generations of Hokage Kakashi, and Naruto grow up, Tsunade looks the same as day one, in her twenties. Tsunade's phobia of blood can be justified considering she was unable to save her lover, Dan. Her healing abilities fell short when it mattered the most.

Unfortunately, that side was never explored and fans have speculated some possible ties. Naruto, Jiraiya, Hashirama, and many other powerful shinobi can tap into Sage Mode.

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Since it is a time consuming and dangerous process, they may not be willing to learn it. Jiraiya had a thing for Tsunade from the start. After being alone for so long, something changed in Tsunade. Tsunade messed up horribly.

It is a mystery to this day. Jiraiya acts as a fatherly figure for Naruto. But where did she go? He asked if she would give him a chance once he comes back and she agrees.

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Saad Shoaib 64 Articles Published Saad is a movie and anime enthusiast. She was only saved because Naruto intervened. She truly cares about him and when the need arises she does everything in her power to protect him. The same level of affection should exist between Tsunade and Sakura as well since they have been through hell together, but it doesn't.

While Naruto is always cozy with her, challenging her to a fight and calling her old. Patching up warriors who are injured and tacky with blood is her job. She can become insanely strong is she does learn it. She could be a valuable asset to the village and can still perform her duties. Therefore, it was disappointing to see Tsunade being excluded from it. Some challenged him, some wanted to hurt him, and some only cared about him. Although you can't call him an anime fan since he does not watch 10 episodes per day.

His expertise is mainly in reviews, listicles, and comparison pieces. Her actual age was claimed to be around Tsunade uses her reserve seal to keep herself young but its effect wore off when she had to spend all her chakra on healing herself in the war. Saad is a movie and anime enthusiast.

Therefore, they are left out.

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Their parents died too early and did not contribute anything to the main story. Related Topics Lists naruto. Tsunade played a major role in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Still, he tries his best to give the latest show a watch and shell out some content about them. Jiraiya and Orochimaru followed in the footsteps of the shinobis and used their techniques to become powerful.

But there is no explanation or insight into Tsunade's journey at becoming the best medical ninja. If only she would've expressed her feeling earlier then things would be a lot different. This one thing is never revealed about all the three legendary Sanin- Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade. Tsunade seems to be on a vacation. Naruto: 10 Most Wholesome Characters, Ranked. There were thousands of ways she could've stopped Kabuto's advance instead she'd let herself be mauled by a low-level criminal. The 10 Strangest Anime Characters Ever.

Theories and worldbuilding for the narutoverse

Naruto does not forgive anyone. By Saad Shoaib Published Sep 10, Share Share Tweet 0. Her abilities are unmatched, and Sakura is the only person ever to match her level.

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Fans never got their glimpse or what they were like. Meaning her body is older than the time she has been alive. It grants a sudden boost in power. Before Jiraiya departed the village, he talked with her. Despite being an important character, not much is revealed about her past. She was the Hokage of the village and acted as an aunt for Naruto. In Naruto 's journey from an outcast to the village Hokage, he's met a bunch of people.

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Even though, her first love was Dan, to which Jiraiya happily approved. Except he brought her to her knees.