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Ukrainian girl looking up Underwear keeps falling down to massage

It's easy to let our underwear drawers go untouched and unnoticed for months or years at a time.

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By Anna Duff TZ.

Age: 42
Nationality: Bolivian
Color of my iris: I’ve got lively dark eyes
My gender: My sex is lady
What is the color of my hair: Scraggly hair
What I like to drink: Absinthe
Favourite music: Dance
I have tattoo: None

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Are anyone elses underwear falling down?

Samantha James. Try something that has elastic instead of lace trim.

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How did that help gravity and your ass? Moderators: mantiesmissmuffinsvivalavixLisaChasezmeattornadoproudhebrew Jan 15, 1 T Jan 15, 2 T Jan 15, 3 T Jan 15, 4 T Jan 15, 5 T Jan 15, 6 T Jan 15, 7 T Jan 15, 8 T Jan 15, 9 T Jan 15, 10 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. Buy underwear with more elastic? The JJB. Share Share with:.

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They are usually of the lace family that doesn't have elastic or anything that would grab onto my skin. I also don't have a flat ass. My underwear falls halfway down my ass when I go about my day.

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Julia Sugarbaker. I like the maidenform one fab fit line. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

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I just don't wear them anymore. posts 32 remaining. I'm sorry. Or Learn more Continue.

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I am constantly having to pull it back up. Related Discussions. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy.

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Am I alone in this problem? Wait, so your underwear falls off, and so you decided to go UP a size?

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Yeah, the lace isn't good at holding drawers up. And this is why I like my elastic-waist, 5-in-a-pack, Hanes 'granny' panties! Link: Copy link. OK .

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Glory Glory Hallelujah. Switch to Print View - 42 posts 1 2 3 4 5 Next.

These are the most comfortable underwear that won't roll down for all budgets

Back to top. I googled the problem and everyone else with the issue seems to think it has to do with being obese, but I'm not overweight.

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I don't even understand how the lace would hold it up. I went up a size thinking I was wearing underwear that is too small, but it didn't help. I've been wearing the VS pink lace trim panties hipster, boyshort, and thong and it happens regardless of the style.

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Have you tried a different brand? I have some underwear that does the exact same thing but other's don't. Does anyone else have this issue with VS Pink?

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Time for.