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Return to IV - Oblivion. Post a reply. And that's the other thing.

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Like Benirus' house, this is another quest that can be picked up very early in the game. Talk to almost anyone in Anvil and you'll eventually get a "Gang" topic. It seems that there is a gang of young women who have been seducing and robbing the men of the town. Their latest victim is a fellow named Gogan "what an idiot," says Wilbur at the Count's ArmsMaelona's husband. You can find both of them wandering around town or in their house near the Count's Arms and either of them can be the quest-giver. The gang stole a ring from Gogan that was an heirloom from Maelona's family.

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Master of every guild and grand champion of the Arena, beat the main quest, settlement quests, side quests and all Daedric Shrine quests.

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Either way, the player is invited to the cabin. IMHO From now on ,Game programers should have an optimal scsi hard drive bandwidth setup requirement just as vista has a ram requierement.

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The women made off with his ring, which was a family heirloom, and the wife would very much like you to recover this ring. On the other hand if you just do internet surfing and play 2d games like microsofts solitaire and dont plan on playing high definition video, a scsi drive setup is then not a necessity here. Good luck and have fun. Still, this was an amusing quest and I really enjoyed it. People need to realise this.


Apparently these women have been doing this for a while, but nobody will come forward because they are too ashamed. Now, if this were a truly freeform game, then you could choose to fall for their ruse as a male or the gang as a femalebut there are limits on how much freedom you can give the player if you hope to ship your game this decade. The ringleader explains their MO: They target married men who will want to keep the whole thing to themselves, to keep their wives from finding out who have been drinking.

This is supposed to be fun. So far the girls have been able to bring in a nice bit of cash without hurting anyone. Friday Jul 7, at pm.

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Fixing Match 3 For one of the most popular casual games in existence, Match 3 is actually really broken. Torment managed to play with this convention very nicely. Since my character was female, they invited me to their gang.

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Some quests have lots of possible outcomes, but this one is strictly linear. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Something that noone tells the PC about so that the big hero who tries to do them and fight them will wake up later naked and broke but with a brand new rash and some fleas. The reason game fps rates drop to unplayable levels is not because of the video card, its not cpu, its not the ram speed or quantity given you have at least 1 gig actually the pcs CPU Speed is actually irrelevant to smooth game play.

HEy i dont know what the problem is with this quest whenever i see the people at the flowing bowl they attack me and i am forced to kill them. He works on this site full time. What are you using to run Oblivion?

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Once he was undressed, they robbed him and sent him back into town in his skivvies. This is actually a pretty clever plan. You have to fight your way out. I think of it as a little ten-minute story. Dear people of the internet: Please stop doing these horrible idiotic things when you talk to each other. I runs faster and has better graphics. Be nice, don't post angry, and enjoy yourself. Try using Operation Optimization. I don't know if it has something to with the particular files involved, but the grass in the fields east of Anvil where this mission takes place forces my GT to a crawl.

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Cpus have improved thousands of times in the last 25 years and as for hard drives only 2 or 3 times in the same time frame. They do not show up in the tavern until the wife has told you about them, and once you get there a conversation ensues in which you have no choices: Just keep clicking until the fight happens. ALL grass slows my machine to a crawl — I must play with grass off. So, unless you could acquire object Y for me, we have no choice but to go to war. Oblvion is a great game, especially on the ps3.

Oblivion is great at this. Which would you rather be: A king in the middle ages, or a lower-income laborer in the 21 st century? Still, this looks pretty good. I thought technology was supposed to be getting better, but this game is even uglier then Morrowind and I think your computer is better then mine.

Plus, the ps3 will always run games without lag. For one of the most popular casual games in existence, Match 3 is actually really broken. The Gameplay The sirens deception oblivion the Story Some advice to game developers on how to stop ruining good stories with bad cutscenes. Good to be the King? Most people into game pcs, are not computer technicians, but they want nice gear, pay attention to the wrong benchmarks, and start debates about pc tech stuff on the web, the problem with this is this le to people in forums and on games sites to unknowingly mis-inform about why games jerk and get choppy frames to the point of setting confusion and this le to people wasting money on expensive stuff they dont need and to me this is abusing people who just want to have with some fun with video games im sick of seing gamers being lied too and overcharged through marketing schemes, juste because gamers.

And so for modern games the real challenge is to to disguse these same two quests, and to make them seem like more than they are. In a lot of ways, you can view each sidequest as an episode of the overall story of your character. Not many people know this but video games and HD video dont request much cpu bandwidth, but as i said they criticaly need hard drive bandwdith. Cpu speed is only important when working 2D apps from ram such as photoshop effects because ram and cpus have almost the same bandwidth.

Oblivion:the siren's deception

I never really thought of the outcome of quests based on gender, I have beat the game twice both times with a male character, I will try a female next time! Search for:. It seems that her husband was drinking at the local tavern and was taken in by a pair of women who lured him out to their cabin with the implied promise of sex. How to Forum Dear people of the internet: Please stop doing these horrible idiotic things when you talk to each other.

You start off meeting a woman in town who tells you she needs your help. I generally avoid MOD which enhance the appearance of the game, since for me performance is at a premium.

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Some are gruesome, some are funny, some are facinating, and a few are just stupid. Did I say fetching? I seems to be only the light yellow grass along the Gold Coast that causes these severe framerate issues. Sadly, you cannot fall for their scheme.

It also happens in the meadows northwest of Anvil. So I go to the tavern and in the evening the two women show up. Climbing up the hill towards the cabin at dusk. Currently, I have a level 31 Argonian thief. This mission is funny, but the whodunnit? Shamus Young is a programmer, an authorand nearly a composer. So, once you get there conflict is inevitable. Once the trap is sprung, the men are unlikely to win a fight while outed, naked, and drunk.

I concluded this based on tests running around in the fields east of the imperial city. Until one developer fixed it.

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One thing that makes Oblivion so interesting is the sheer and variety of quests. Games like oblivion and doom-3 and uncompressed HD video cannot possibly load up all its data into RAM, regardless of what ram size you have. On the surface it sounds pretty elaborate. Are you using LOD mods — the mods the replace the lame blurry bethesda horizon textures with better looking ones!?

If you'd like to support him, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. Their mistake. Thanks for ing the discussion. How I wish the grass would render for me. Jerking video and choppy frames in games or video playback can only be cured with scsi set ups if you need lots of storage.

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