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This attractive home has a garage for your use that is perfect for your beach chairs, bikes, golf cart, or kayaks.

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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex. Using tumblr with an easy, clean and efficient interface was my goal. Because to be honest, their interface is really to be reviewed otherwise you would not be here.

What is my age: 37
What is the color of my hair: Red
My figure type: I'm plump
I prefer to listen: Electronic
I like: Surfing the net

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USA en. I prefer to efl'ect the release of the gripe upon the wire by means of an electric circuit, and an armature, a magnet, and-magnetic coil connected with the mechanism for controlling the griping devices, and one part of my invention consists in the combination of such a circuit with a sole-nailing machine in ture is effected at the time the point of the wire, in passing through the sole, reaches the inner surface of the inner sole or the surface of the last, the movement of the armature actuating devices or a device through which the gripe upon the wire is loosened and the wire no longer pressed forward.

The tube reciprocates vertically in guides or bearings m, and is actuated by a crank-pin, n, extending from the camwheel h.

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This movement of thearmature causes its arm w to raise the long arm of the brake or pawl lever and press down the pawl-pointagainst the edge 7' of the lever 19, arresting the lever and its fork and causing the fork to arrest the collar 1.

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. In certain patents relating to. But as the movement of the tube is constant, the arrest of the collar 1 causes the griper-jaws to loose their hold upon the wire, and they then slide down'over the Wire Without imparting movement thereto.

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The action of the tube and wiregriping devices forces the wire down and into the sole each time after the shoe by the action of the shoe-feeding mechanism, not shown, is moved forward to bring beneath the tube the point at which the wire is to be inserted. I claim- 1.

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In combination with a boot or shoe support for presenting the sole to be nailed, and. The process, substantially as described, of uniting the soles and uppers of boots and shoes by using a nail-forming wire, inserting its end before severing the nail, driving the point of the wire just to the inner surface of the inner sole and then, by contact with the boot and shoe support, causing the cutting off the wire or severing the nail at the outer surface of the outer sole.

In combination with griping devices that gripe and drive the wire and with a metal or metal-faced support, a magnetic coil and armature, and mechanism connecting the armature with the griping devices, the contact of the point of the driven or entering wire with the metal face of the work-support causing the circuit to be closed, the armature to be moved.

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When the nail has been severed, the circuit is thereby broken and the armature is thrown back, and when the wire tube is drawn up the jaws slip upon the wire, the wire being held stationary by a suitable spring, f and the tube in rising slides in the collar 1, causing the feed-jaws to be forced upon the wire by said collar to gripe the wire preparatory to the next descent of the jaws with the wire, the wire being then again driven into the sole and again out off to the proper length, as before.

After the feed-jaws have completed their movement, the cam h actuates the cutter-lever and causes the driven nail to be severed from the wire at the outer surface of the outer sole, thus efi'ecting the cutting of'- each wire to a length corresponding to the thickness of the parts united by it.

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In my invention I drive or insert the wire before it is cut, and I use, in connection with a suitable feeding device that feeds the wire, devices by Smiles n soles, when the point of the wire reaches the face of the last, or the work-support upon which the inner sole rests for insertion of the nail, the feed-gripe shall be released and press the wire no further, the action of the feed mechanism in inserting the wire being followed by the action of cutters that cut the wire at or close to or in uniform relation to the outer surface of the outer sole.

A shows the machine in side elevation. The drawing shows a magnetic coil and armature connected with the machine, as I consider this to be the most practical method of practising my invention. The forked arm 0 of the lever is pressed up to the collar l by the stress of a suitable spring, preferably acting upon the vertical arm of the lever.

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B is a front view of it. My invention consists, primarily, in combining, with a feeding device that inserts or drives the wire before it is cut, and with cutters that sever the wire at the outer surface of the sole, or uniformly in relation thereto. Beneath the collar 1 is a fork, 0, at the end of the horizontal arm of a lever, p, fulcrumed at q, the vertical arm of said lever extending up, as seen at A. At the top of the vertical arm of such manner that the movement of the armathe lever is an extended edge, a", and over this edge is a friction pawl or brake, s, pivoted at t, and having an arm, u, which is pressed down, by the stress of a spring, '0, to an arm, w, of?

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