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Sexy Beach Premium Resort [ edit ]. You get the ability to level up the massage skill through an NPC in the slumbs near the city. Wears all white and is drunk. After talking to him twice he should the shop next to your hotel allowing you to level up one level at a time. Every level requires experience in the level, which is indicated on your 'Items' screen as a gauge beneath the massage skill.

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This game is a water shooting gallery located on the second floor of Sexy Land. The more practiced you get at this the more P you'll make, but not by a ificant amount.

Sexy (klymaxx song)

Ores have the absolute worst rate, netting only 0. If she's running, she will fall to her knees, if she's standing still or turning she will fall on her butt, giving a better view of her chest.

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This is assuming a minimum of P per game; if you focus on shooting Matoko down Pthen shooting 25 dolphins before the clock times out is trivially easy. Main Recent changes Random Add a. The Gem and Power Potions are decent trades, at Sexy Snacks net in exchange, a cheap payout for a cheap cost.

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You can help the Hgames Wiki by expanding it. This was last modified on 18 Februaryat Privacy policy About Hgames Wiki Disclaimers. The maximum P per day that you can convert to G is P, for a maximum of G per day.

Many of these mill together in knots, making it easy to strafe them, but others will drift up and down in patterns.

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All of Sexy Land's items sell out, and the highest value items sell out after only 1 purchase. To win, simply click rapidly to make your character sprint to the flag to capture it. Strafing dolphins on an even plane is much quicker than trying to target them in the air, so learning their patterns and coming back to them when they're at the floor will help maximize points. You can make P quickly and safely from 2 games of Sexy Shooter each morning.

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Sexy beach premium resort mods and cheats for pc

If you want to maximize the value of your P and minimize the time you spend earning it, then you may wish to conserve remaining P for the next day. These have an exchange efficiency of 5G gained per 1P spent. Win or Loss is never declared, but shooting down Makoto is noted high on the score card, and earns P. She's the only moving target, so you must chase and keep firing until her top falls off, then continue hitting her until she falls to the floor.

It's especially important to be aware of the time in many circumstances.

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This game is a short foot race located on Sunset Beach, at the southwest corner of the island. Namespaces Discussion.

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On the surplus end: if you're clearing hordes of thugs as a matter of course, gaining P faster than you can spend it all and already own one of every toy sold. Jump to:search.

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Views Read View source View history. Akane and Tsundere moved quickly, but Nagisa and Kana were much slower. If the girl wins, she may enter a High-Tension State. Sexy Beach Premium Resort [ edit ].

Sexy beach premium resort: gameplay

Winning points and games is also required to satisfy Akane's conditions. You may as well cash in all your P in for G; rinse and repeat. The games feature Makoto, Sexy Land's idol, who can also be won with enough points.

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If you're racing to reach an encounter, if you're in an area you know to spawn thugs, if you have a buff item to take and wish to maximize its duration, or if you're low on stamina and restoration items and don't wish to lose whole hours sleeping. State may also affect performance, as Tsundere ran more slowly while Sick. Winning at minigames awards the player points that cam be spent at Sexy Land Water Park, for novelty items, clothing and weapons, and more valuable prizes that can be converted to the island's currency.

If played while on a date, the date will run the race, and her ability will vary from the player character's. menu Personal tools Create Log in.

Sexy beach premium resort: h guide

If you nap whether voluntarily or not during any period, you will wake at the beginning of next period. Not all of these have an efficient exchange rate, so whether it's more valuable to spend all your P or wait until the next day for a better deal depends on the rate at which you're earning P. On the budget end: if you're only earning the P in order to make quick G from it.

The prize is points.