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I am pick lady who Maxim gamer girl hangouts

Thursday, August 23, Hastro-nomical! Mike Rufail. Who is he?

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So what does that entail?

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Last edit by Paolo Giunti on 11th April pm. Defintiely agreeing with Thomas and Emily here. I'm not seeing Cosmopolitan's Gamer Boy, with bemuscled hunks in trunks licking an Xbox controller in race to be a spokesman for some misguided folly.

For more on Will's views on the gender imbalance inherent in the industry, and what should be done about it, listen to episode 3 of our podcastfeaturing Will, Mark Sorrell and Paulina Bozek. I find people that work in games and are talented, to be quite intelligent.

If you want to acquire skills to work in the games industry there are far better ways to do it.

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Now, I am not attacking low level smut LLS? My problem is that is that Maxim Gamer Girl has implied values. Edited 2 times.

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Dave Mitchell Founder, Two Tails 9 years ago. So I want it registered that this is one big tut at Maxim Gamer Girls' sponsors.

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Head on the nail. Maybe students need to receive a better support in understanding the industry to know that a competition like this doesn't bring you any closer to your dream job. She is offering titillation in return for progression and is leading the public vote. However Katrina is taking an unusual step by entering Maxim's Gamer Girl competition. My body neither. You have to be to be GOOD. Very well said. James Wells Gaming Contributor - digboston.

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This particular demographic isn't what's going to drag the industry out of the "little boys in darkened rooms" image most of the none gamer population think of. I personally considered this competition completely apart from the industry.

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Like an Argos catalogue of low level smut. The competition does make sense from a promotional perspective if you want a spokesperson that knows it's stuff and don't want a booth babe that doesn't even know how to hold a controller correctly or what an Xbox is.

My thoughts on the competition

The problem with my comparison to science is that female scientists are not encouraged to promote themselves in this way. Currently she is looking to break in as a concept artist and then as creative director. Nicholas Lovell Founder, Gamesbrief 9 years ago. One young hopeful is Katrina, who has a games marketing and promotions background and is in her second year of a graphics and animation degree. Girls grow up playing with barbie dolls, then high school movies with the heroine winning the prom queen and other mainstream TV shows where a lady's key to success is to be the hottest one around.

The profile of TradeChat a colourful WoW geek offers rewards for meeting voting milestones, which includes posting videos of her in various outfits dancing around. Why doesn't she just stay home and be the "at your service" housewife that's a sex slave for her husband? Maxim gamer girl I'm not angry with you, just disappointed.

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The public vote for a few winners, then those winners go through a more formal process to decide who is the ultimate winner. So let's get this clear, Maxim Gamer Girl is a beauty ant for an outmoded notion of a videogaming demographic - geeky young boys.

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The only bright note, based on my personal experience, is that I've observed some slow progress. I thought exactly the same thing when I noticed this recently, again disappointment rather that outrage. Thanks chicky. She's making male game professionals seem like pieces of meat that just want to jack off.

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If you would also like to register a tut then the event's sponsors can be found on Twitter under the s VirginGaming and 21stGames. Are we all tutting to maximgamergirl tut. That is because men, as women should be, are widely valued in games based on their ability and experience. It's on the same path.

Virgin Gaming and Twenty First Street Games judging their potential or current female customers publicly by their looks is not a way to encourage women to become their employees. I'm a strong believer in the power of the disapproving tut, like you might hear in a village hall.

As a creative director myself I'm backing her ambitions.

About the maxim gamer girl contest

You've let yourselves down. Finding the job you want in the games industry is hard work, there isn't a fast track, and if there is, this isn't it. What I find most troubling is the case of Katrina. Now, I am a moderately handsome man, probably about a six if you were to take a poll in your average Wetherspoon.

It's troubling enough to get women interested in this male dominated industry without this kind of re-enforcement that girls are just sexual objects in gaming.

Will luton isn't angry with maxim's gamer girl contest, just disappointed

While I understand that the industry need to court high volume publications like Maxim and FHM they have to understand that their core audience is men wanting some "fap" material. After all they are looking for a girl that's into games, which I believe is something completely different than being a professional within the games industry. However there is a solution; try to keep any and all publicity tied to reputable newspapers and magazines, Metro and The Guardian both have very good gaming sections, or simply just deal with specialist press.

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And when it comes to real life choices, many feel that's the way to go, ending up with contributing to this sex-objecty image of women. The issue is merging or masquerading it somehow as a career in the games industry, with the help of Virgin Games and Twenty First Street Games.

So glad whenever I see other men acknowledge their privileges, in this case to be valued only on ability and experience, and ask for nothing but the same treatment for women.

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Problem is though, that whilst women are happy to subject themselves to this, why would it stop? The actual problem is that it's a bit of a vicious circle. The premises is this: some photos and write a little about what makes you the ultimate girl gamer. I really don't see the connection. If we are going to tut, can we tut with a hashtag? My face's intrinsic beauty is never on the agenda for a board meeting. From a woman's perspective minenot only is this crap--I mean contest--a step back for gaming equality--it's a step back for women.

However, I don't recall having to ever have that publicly tested as part of my career, including any of my public facing responsibilities.

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This promotion is kocking the Games industry as a whole a few steps backward. The contest is sponsored by Virgin Gaming, indie dev Twenty First Street Games and digital agency Zaah who appear to have now pulled out of proceedings. If you would also like to register a tut then the event's sponsors can be found on Twitter under the s VirginGaming and 21stGames Will Luton is the Creative Producer at Mobile Pie, a Bristol based mobile developer. Why the hell not? Becoming the 'Maxim Gamer Girl' carries the same credentials to game developers as becoming the 'Maxim Science Girl' does to scientists.

Getting noticed and rising up the ranks in an industry as competitive as gaming is tough. Plus a bikini photoshoot should she win.

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There are prizes, including the pleasure of having your scantily clad body photographed for the magazine. I might need to read the prizes more clearly, but as far as I can tell this is a fast track to a modelling career with a loose 'gaming' theme, it's probably a great opportunity if you want to start or progress a modelling career.

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This kind Maxim gamer girl negative representation is a step back for all of the hard work being done to encourage more female applicants in to roles across our industry. However, the above article puts it in a completely different perspective and I'm just thinking It clearly states you are going to be a model and probably spending more time talking to "customers" rather than making industry contacts.

It hasn't even come up under AOB. Virgin Gaming tell me, via Twitter, that they are looking for: "Looks, confidence on camera AND gaming skills" and "not just looking for a gamer, but a host with cred for industry events, media features". We have a problem in the industry with lack of women and this kind of thing just makes it harder to encourage more women because it reinforces a preconception. As the editor of a specialist gaming e-zine it really galls that FHM et al get more access and such things as review codes based on sales rather than quality.

Maxim gamer girl contest involved a keen understanding of the new math

It takes hardwork and dedication. Can't agree more, it's a step backwards in getting this industry to have a balance of genders. So how does that bring you any closer to being a concept artist?

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The site is a tawdry offering, with row upon row of women clad in bikinis or underwear sprawled across things. Values that a female employee of our industry, in this instance a spokeswoman, should conform to a notion of beauty and should be sexually desirable, ostensibly to young heterosexual men, for them to gain employment. But the road for true gender equality is clearly still a long one to go.