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A military robot is decommissioned and works as a loyal maid for the young son of her late creator. To further understand their relationship, Suguru invites all of his friends, as well as both Ryuga and Saori to a party at his house. At the same time, Mahoro is becoming more and more aware that her view of herself - as well as her relationship to Suguru - is changing the more she time she spends living with him. Originally, she saw herself as merely atoning for causing Commander Misato's death, but as the days go by, she comes to realize that what she is truly looking for is a place to belong, a home to be able to take care of and come back to, and people to care for. In contrast, Ryuga's self-examination shows that he sees his entire raison d'etre as fighting - and defeating - Mahoro. His entire identity is of a warrior who was defeated once but is desperate for a second chance, because without it, he is nothing.

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Mahoromatic: automatic maiden

Mahoro chooses to spend her days serving Suguru Misato, as a maid. We simply repeat that cycle, until we are destroyed by the enemy.

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As a comedy, it offers several laugh-out-loud moments. Init was adapted into an anime series produced by Studio Gainax and Shaft, and directed by Gainax co-founder Hiroyuki Yamaga. You have been warned.

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Community Showcase More. Get Known if you don't have an. The Earth has just thwarted one of those pesky alien invasions, thanks to the actions of the superpowered combat android Mahoro.

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As a reward, she is given the freedom to live the rest of her operational life just over a year however she chooses. In the second season, Mahoromatic: Something More BeautifulMahoro is ed by her "little sister" who is a completely Terran Robot Girl Maid and, initially, a failure.

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The ending in the anime version is much darker than in the manga. Love Me Seriously!

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At its core, Mahoromatic is a comedy with strong dramatic even tragic elements. Show Spoilers.

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There are even the makings of a small harem with the male lead's schoolmates though the feel is more of a close group of friends or True Companions rather than a true harem. You need to to do this.

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Tell me, why do you want to be like them so badly? Follow TV Tropes. In fact, its ature Catchphrase — "Dirty thoughts are bad!