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Lisa Cuddy : [trying to get Thirteen to open the door] Dr. Gregory House : See? She doesn't even know your name. Lisa Cuddy : [to House] Are you crazy? Alzheimer drugs will make your brain go into overdrive.

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Is it freeing, is it challenging, is it weird? How involved are you in the development of the narrative and of the plot?


Now, you already probably know the answer to this because you said you worked on the first new episode. Well, it is very interesting what happens in the first half of the finale in terms of learning about how House sees people and kind of getting the world from his point of view directly. What do you think that House thinks of Cuddy? I love it. Was there a moment when you realized this is going to work? I felt the least affected.

Stripping for ‘house’

I only just got around to watching Part 1 of the season finale of House and man, are we in for a big ending next week, or what? I think so. Lisa Edelstein, who plays Cuddy on Housewas kind enough to talk to the press on a conference call last Friday.

Usually we have May and June off, so we work through to August, then we take a break for a few weeks, and then we come back and work through December.

Interview: lisa edelstein talks about house, spinoffs and pole-dancing

The interview took place last Friday, before the first part of the big 2-part finale aired on Monday, which explains why some of the questions and answers refer to the episode in the future-tense. Thank you for ing up to CinemaBlend. Another question for you, I know that you guys have had a history of having a lot of big-name guests cameoing on the show, and I read that this finale has Fred Durst on it? Is it all those things?

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I behave younger and I have a different kind of energy, completely. What is Cuddy doing in his head, and what will it mean for the future of their relationship?

House's head

What will your questions be? Please refresh the and try again. You will receive a verification shortly. I have no burning questions. We have to let it go. How is the prospect of another potential strike sort of affecting the atmosphere as you go into this quick turnaround into the fifth season?

Lisa cuddy

Literally, they tell us nothing. If somebody had a heart attack. He is a much softer person and very sensitive and very empathetic and hilarious, an extremely hard worker.

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Yes, maybe it would be some kind of like laying there quietly, caressing her belly, like tickling her belly while doing a diagnostic. Yes, but certainly not this season.

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I thought Samantha Morton was really wonderful. If it was appropriate, of course. David Morse was amazing. I think that he has become so disconnected through his pain and his treatment of his pain and his anger at the world that he finds the connection in the puzzle more than in the people. Yes and no. It definitely gives you more information than you definitely want most of the time, but most of it goes in and out of our he because we have to compile so much stuff per episode. I love Big Love and Mad Men.

As soon as we finished season four, we started season five. Why do you think all of that, though, ends up not disconnecting Cuddy and Wilson to him, but also us as viewers? Do you think he loves her like she loves him?

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No, not the finale. Like, are you guys talking about it on the side, the possibility of that? Is it something that anyone discusses? I think I could go half a day. Have you come into contact with that at all?

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And what would trip you up finally? When anybody I know has any symptoms at all, I have a thousand things that run through my head. I think it goes both ways. But before, I used to get away with it much longer.

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Yes, in a way I could say yes, yes. I think he likes her smarts. I think both Wilson and I felt the least affected by that. But this year, there is no surprise. It was a very interesting experience. There was a problem. And being on a show where you can see all the different ways that a human being can get sick, does it ever mess with your mind?

Lisa edelstein: dr. lisa cuddy

Is it Cuddy or is it someone else? And I read that, in the two-parter, in the fantasy sequences, you actually have to work a stripper pole. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands.

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My question was regarding the rumors about a potential spin-off, and I was wondering if you had heard about any of that—. We started, like, the minute we were done with season four, we were on season five. And so I went to her, and she helped me choreograph this routine. So, as the season began, knowing that there was a whole group of new doctors coming in, did you have concerns as to how Cuddy was going to fit in with the sort of remixed version of the show? I have zero control over what happens in the plotline. The SopranosI was really into.

Yes, holding their breath for a minute and waiting to see if it works.

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Receive from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Oh, yes.

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I called Sheila Kelley, who has a company called S Factor. How did you prepare for that? Well, okay … but will there be any kind of change in their complicated, beautiful, adult relationship?

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It does. I really think that her character has been filled out and that her relationship with House has become a beautiful, complicated, adult relationship filled with all kinds of subliminal messages.

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I think that theory is right on the money. What do you think of that theory? They know that these are what to expect with him.

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It causes the same problems every day. I love Project Runwayand I really love Lost. Your Daily Blend of Entertainment News.