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I Kim possible and ron naked pick girl that loves experiment

When it comes to school, Ron has a new trick literally up his sleeve when a secret project gives Rufus a super-genius IQ. Drakken : Is it Fish or Fishes? I can never tell.

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Rufus : [scatting] Hit it!

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Yeah, that's right, it's the naked mole rap! He finally was getting around to writing the paper when he needed to buy time for Kim by singing his paper. Universal Conquest Wiki. Ron : What is that? We go to Bueno Nachochimerito and a naco Always grande size and why not? Super freaky thing! So the manager came to open the cage He said, "You know this pet's hairless? Kim Possible Wiki Explore. It is in response to the song by Dr. Drakkenintended to buy Kim some more time to defeat him.

Rufus : That's me!

Naked mole rap

I'm buyin'! Listen to the naked mole rat!

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Ron : It seemed to be this could be a solution The perfect pet for my dad's sense of constitution! Songs. Check us out, in the villain's lair Backed up by a rodent who gots no hair!

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Look at the camera, say, "Cheese! Rufus : Muah!

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Smile for the camera say, "Cheese! Like the beat, not droppable!

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With less than one week, out of six weeks, he finally decided to make the paper on how he met Rufus. And do you want this cage? I can't hear the girls sing Yes, that's right, it's a naked mole rat Gonna buy me some bling-bling! Yeah that's right, it's the naked mole rap! Come on y'all, it's the naked mole rap! What is that?

That freaky thing? History Talk 0. Hey, wait! Rufus, the naked mole rat! Register Don't have an ? Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Athena, have you seen her?

Kim's back in action! It was initially going to be used as just a creative autobiographical essay given by Mr. Barkinbut Ron kept procrastinating on the paper.

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I heard a Smarty Mart was havin' a sale On a hairless pink rodent with a long skinny tail! Come On, Come On. Explore Wikis Community Central. Yes, that's right, it's a naked mole rat Come on y'all, let the girls sing!

Yes, that's right, it's a naked mole rat Hey, wait, I can't hear the girls sing! Rufus, getcha squeak on! Commodore Puddles. Yes, that's right, it's a naked mole rat Come on y'all, let those girlies sing! This ain't no, no freak-o! Wade : Main attraction, Kim's back in action She's grapplin' and scrappin' and crackin' on Dr. Drakken Shegoshe's evil Mm-hmm She's nobody's amigo But they're never gonna take over the world Thanks to this teen hero who fights like a girl!

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Ron and Wade : What is that? A-getcha, getcha DCOM!

Yes, that's right, it's a naked mole rat Come on y'all, let the girlies sing! Wade : Listen to the naked mole rap!

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Listen to the naked mole rap! Wade : Yeah, yeah, yeah! Drakken Shego Monkey Fist Prof. Oh, can I get a boo-yah? The song is remixed in the live-action film with different lyrics, and is performed by Sean Giambrone and Issac Ryan Brown as Ron and Waderespectively. Never heard a cat bark Never heard a puppy purr My dad 's allergic to every kind of fur So I searched for hairless pets on the Internet Saw a jpeg of a pink thing Gonna need sunscreen!

Here we go! Rufus in my pocket, you can't stop it, can't top it Don't drop it, you might just pop it! Ron : Yes, that's right, it's the naked mole rap!

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Buh-bye, buh-bye, buh-bye, buh-bye Rufus : [clears throat] Hit it! Ron, getcha shriek on! Can I get a boo-yah? Yeah, yeah, yeah! What're we missin' here? Ron and Wade : Listen to the naked mole rap! Naked Mole Rap. View source. Ron : Yo, listen up, happa hallo from Ron "Naked Mole Rap" is the name of the song Here's the story, in all its glory Ain't hidin' nothin', you'll know what the truth is How Ron met Rufus!

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