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Ethiopians baby picking I suck at studying for humiliation

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I suck at studying!!!! I agree with the above post that organization is necessary. Whatever you do, don't give up! I also pray that I have a brain that's a sponge to absorb all the information I need to know and that God will guide me to focus on the information that I need to know and the info. I was feeling anxious and nervous about not being able to handle it.

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I LOVE making flashcards and retyping my notes as well. When I took anatomy, I had four or five books. I'm taking one class at a time, If you have other classes you may need to plan accordingly.

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What I find most important is to schedule when I'm going to study for each day of the week. The first thing I do is pray that during my study time I will be focused and that I will use the time effectively and productively. Feb 19, Ugh, I'm still dealing with it. One was required, but others were ones that I picked up because they dealt better with cardio or neuro than our required textbook.

I suck at studying

This really helps me learn the chapters and become very familiar with the information. Having a dryerase board to get everything scheduled sounds like a good idea. Library, school bench, restaurant yum Panera!

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Read the material before you go to class so that you have an idea of what the prof. I have a dry erase board that I set up every week on Sundays with that weeks asments and what needs to be read. What helps me is to stay organized. Monday I spent time re-reading the information.

Then, I go through that list and reread those parts until I understand it.

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Posted Feb 19, Register to Comment. I read the chapter that he will lecture on the week before. The first time I read it straight through. I think it's hard for everyone to adjust to college studied.

The illusion of competence

I haven't had to study much in my classes to get a good grade so my study habits aren't very good and I was just wondering if any of you out there had any advice on changing and developing good study habits. I think retyping notes will really help too it takes me forever to type so that will be a good way to study. I have read some stuff on the internet but it would be nice to hear from someone who has actually been through it.

Just keep organized, use a planner, and you will be fine. Saturday after class and Sunday I spend time doing flash cards on the information lab and lecture.

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I never cracked a book in hs ten years ago and made A's and B's. I've been in college for ten years yes, ten and I still don't think I've conquered it. Hope this helps:lol This topic is now closed to further replies.

Why does studying suck so much?

Hi everyone, I am having trouble adjusting to some of my college classes that require a lot of studying. Thanks so much for responding. Go to every class, focus while you're in class and ask questions. I read every chapter twice. I often use the internet as it seems to break it down better in lesser words than those wordy textbooks. Students Pre-Nursing.

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This helps me to not cram the week before the exam, but to learn the material as I go instead. I graduated with BS in and went back to school Fall and I was scared as well. I use other books besides those that are required to learn. I still have trouble studying and I've been in college for almost 3 years.

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Green, it's excellent book. Schedule daily study time and stick to it. Happy studying!

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Thursday and Friday I can spend time re-reading the chapter, flashcards, e-mailing the prof. In Register Now! Search Search.

eye-candy mom Sophie

I have lecture and lab on Saturday. Wednesday I spent time with the flashcards and going through them and the book.

damsel gal Zoie

I am having trouble adjusting to some of my college classes that require a lot of studying. Tuesday I spent time writing notes on the chapter. BUT, during the time I have scheduled to study, I go some place to do my studying so then I don't get distracted by other things or think "I can study later, I really want to go do this".

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The second time I slowly, writing down things that stump me. Thanks so much for the replies!