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Post by Kojack » Thu Nov 19, pm. Post by c6burns » Fri Nov 20, am.

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Post by shadowfeign » Tue Nov 10, am.


There's a great tool called OgreMeshy that can display ogre meshes. I mention that because there's a heap of free models on the net made for them, Ogre can't load them though, it's a different format with a coincidental name. I don't know where to go from there.

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Or use command line. The tool I linked to above is version 1.

What kind of game is feral heart?

I was trying to export a file as an OGRE mesh in blender. The blender exporter will give you the xml versions. They are used as a temporary step when exporting. I didn't quite understand how to export my animations.

Post Reply. For any more specific details on how feral hearts does things, you'll need to check on a forum for the game.

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Getting scale right can be tricky. They are unrelated to Ogre though and not compatible.

Feralheart extra's

I don't know how to export from blender. Problems building or running the engine, queries about how to use features etc. The material file doesn't need converting, just the mesh. So the basic steps would be I'm guessing, I've never tried modding feral hearts : - Make sure the animations and maybe bones have the right names.

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Post by Kojack » Mon Nov 09, am. I just don't know how to export them. It's textures, shaders, rendering modes, etc But these formats are a bit tricky for devs to support in tools. If Feral Hearts uses Ogre earlier than that, it won't work need to find an older copy of the tool.

I don't know any codes or anything. If the engine wants a bone called "neck", you need it too. I am quite slow, and I really want to get these animations put into feral heart.

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Blend", and where does it go when I export it? I extracted them from WinRAR to downlo. Is there a video tutorial on exporting? A simple object with no skeleton should just work mostlybut if there's bones then there might be strict naming rules for them. It's very handy for testing things after you export them to make sure they are in an ogre compatible form.

Ogre forums

The same for animation, if the game expects an animation called "Walk" but you called it "Walking", then it will fail. I tried clicking cbody.

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I made them in blender, but I don't know how to export them. Now for a few potential problems. Ogre won't load a mesh or skeleton that has a higher version .

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Here we usually only know the base way it works, not how specific games might have changed things. I don't know how the game uses them though.

About my feral-heart-trailer

I have blender 2. Can someone please help me? But Ogre can't load those. It's for loading entire maps into ogre at once.