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At the IndianapolisDanica led for 19 laps—the first woman ever to be out in front—and ended up finishing fourth. We think it has something to do with her mustache-lessness.

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She said that has evoked jokes about the Austin Powers movie in which the bad guy hit Powers in the head with a shoe.

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One of the key things is to grow new segments. We're [not] here to talk about a freaking soap opera. There are no conspiracy theories behind getting Patrick into the All-Star Race, either. She became the face of the IndyCar Series, which didn't always sit well with the drivers who won races and championships. By mistake, it was mistakenly written into the rules that drivers who won the fan vote had to be on the lead lap to advance.

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The great thing in our sport is we have so many great stars. The rule was written that way so if a driver who had been dominant had a flat tire or another small issue in the second lap segment, he or she wouldn't be penalized for finishing a lap or two down. That is a relief. Patrick instead turned her attention to what she had planned the rest of the day, reminding him diplomatically that her marriage isn't something she normally talks about.

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I'm no health freak by no means. You can find it everywhere, even on Twitter where former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb sent Patrick a congratulatory message -- though he had his wires crossed thinking Patrick won the Daytona and not the pole. The line was for Danica Patrick. Cover the damn race.

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She wants to go out and prove she belongs here. They flocked to her like gamblers to a poker table, just wanting her ature and perhaps a picture with her. Whatever you think of Patrick's driving skill, there is no denying her popularity. Fans like her because she's different, because she is charming.

Of the five new commercial spots for the Daytonashe is in most of them. You want to be diverse and get younger. In case you missed it, Earnhardt told reporters in Phoenix last weekend that he's down 15 to 20 pounds after a day diet that included prune juice and carrot juice. She helps in both places. And then Patrick was off to another appearance, another long line of people wanting her autograph and a moment of her time. He's been somebody from day one that believes in what we're doing. We'll Danica patrick barefoot put her out there because she is unique, special and has a huge fan base.

It looked like it disappeared.

Danica patrick

This season hasn't been too good for Patrick, either. We're in a much broader conversation going to places we normally are not. I've never bought into them because if officials were going to conspire, Dale Earnhardt Jr. He'd have more than one win in the past four-plus seasons, too. One had only to have a raceable car, which means not wrecked.

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There is increased interest in Las Vegas as well, as Patrick's odds of winning the Daytona dropped from toaccording to Bovada online gambling. This is ificant to NASCAR's effort to grow its fan base and reach a younger demographic, the to year-old age group that has declined in recent years. Then she turned on the charm again, going back and forth with the ill-prepared host -- he didn't even realize she'd already moved to NASCAR -- with more patience than she gave Landon Cassill at Kansas. I later joked it was the Bobby Labonte Rule. I thought she showed her worth there, and I think she showed her talent Danica patrick barefoot.

And make no mistake, Patrick wants to drive her way into the All-Star Race to become the first woman to participate in it. That sucked. Hopefully, all will settle down and we'll get a better grip on that this weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, one of the mile and a half tracks. Next thing you know Dale Earnhardt Jr. Oz Show" talking about his detox diet. The drivers and competition likely won't connect to a broader audience like everything else has. She is 11th in the Nationwide standings with three finishes of 27th or worse in her past four starts. The good news is all these other issues drowned out much of the debate -- much of that negative, too -- over whether the new Gen-6 car has been a success or failure yet at Daytona and Phoenix.

She has been so big here that Earnhardt, the sport's most popular driver for 10 consecutive years, has seemed like an afterthought. The bad news?

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Just getting out of control so reining all that back in. Dan Patrick.

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This came on the heels of a report that Newman was given permission to look for options if sponsorship isn't found. She ran about laps and only had a couple of places where she got herself in trouble. But the questions continued. The sport may not be able to handle its most popular driver being a health freak around all the other issues. Only a few days ago you had CNN host Piers Morgan passionately talking about the sport -- albeit in a not-so-positive way -- in a gun control debate with a Texas politician.

But as one Hall of Famer points out, if you're running up front all the time -- and Busch does -- "you'll get accused of everything. I have every intention of hiring him back for next year. They can thank Danica Patrick for that.

Newton: Aggressive is good Kyle Busch may be accused of being aggressive, but dirty? Male and female, young and old, they stood in line until Patrick was shuffled to another section of the Chevrolet display for a video interview. From throughthere was no mention of having to finish on the lead lap in the Showdown, the preliminary to the main event. The Davie Brown Index, which measures celebrity appeal and awareness for brand managers and marketers, ranked her third in the sport last year behind Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

According to Fox, overnight ratings for Sunday's qualifying were at 1. Not getting too crazy about it though. Patrick has spent much of the past week listening to comments and jokes about running over a shoe while leading Saturday's Nationwide race at Montreal.

Danica patrick feet

The first female to win in a big race with this magnitude. It's freaking ridiculous. And Patrick continued to answer in a way that kept her audience glued to her every word. We're here to race. Because it possibly could benefit Patrick, who is expected to garner the most fan votes because of her popularity, the "Danica Rule" terminology was born. Big win," McNabb tweeted.

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The line was for a year-old, 5-foot-2 woman who -- if dressed, well, differently -- could have passed for one of the countless show models roaming these massive floors. Criticism has gotten to the point that Tony Stewarther team owner in the Sprint Cup Series, is on a "lay off her" campaign.

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I confess, I tweeted something during the week that would allude to a conspiracy theory in this matter, but it was all tongue-in-cheek. I think he can still win a championship with us.

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You have to believe Patrick is a reason. I never really worried about it before.

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Since Sunday, when the year-old Stewart-Haas Racing driver won the pole for the Daytona -- the first time a woman has earned the top spot in a Sprint Cup race -- there has been a ificant spike in interest in the sport. The mistake was corrected this year to revert back to the way it was. It's time for the talk to return to the drivers and competition, although NASCAR fining Hamlin for what seemed like harmless comments about the new car and single-file racing at Phoenix probably didn't help any.

Although Patrick's crew chief, Tony Eury Jr. Patrick actually was asked whether she noticed what kind of shoe it was during Friday's media availability.

And how many drivers could refer to being able to fit in a pair of leather pants they wore in high school when told how good they look? I like him as a teammate. Just eat all kinds of stuff like pizza and wings and stuff every day and not really watching portion controls and stuff like that.