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For comedians, finding success is often about building a tribe — a fan base that thinks like you and will follow you wherever. That audience laughs at all the inside jokes and speaks in the same language when they ask questions to the gang. Scheer and his collaborators have built that rapport with their fans by creating comedy that is for and by pop-culture fans.

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But now Illusionist Criss Angel, best known by his stage name "MindFreak," is facing perhaps his biggest challenge. He recently learned that his 5-year-old son Johnny's acute lymphoblastic leukemia had returned. Angel's son was first diagnosed with the disease three years ago before going into remission. The entertainer, who has helped children's charities over the years, refocused his efforts by using his voice to raise awareness and money to help end pediatric cancer.

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He has a different approach to magic. View this post on Instagram. Just as the car starts on the ramp, an explosion obscures the screen.

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David Copperfield has done some impressive public tricks. He would have to be to have made it this far. Even though the Grand Canyon Death Jump seems like a cringe worthy bit of fakery, fans still enjoyed watching it.

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Magic may not be that popular today, but there are still good magicians out there. He worked hard to get on stage.

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The car is conspicuously missing. First, as one fan points out, where did the car go? Apparently Angel was performing to a half full theater. He may not need the work, however.

Criss angel mindfreak grand canyon death jump parody 4 sh tty tricks get () ( mb) - admision camp

One fan says they went to the show and left early. In fact, even though the stunt was filmed almost 10 years ago, fans are still laughing about how fake it looks.

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The trick was certainly ambitious, but the execution leaves something to be desired. It conveniently disappeared off the ramp. Since the Grand Canyon is a National Park, Angel would have had to be careful not to damage anything.

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Also, it should be mentioned that Angel wears a helmet throughout the entire stunt, obscuring his face and making a bait and switch even easier. Angel is entertaining, even when his stunts seem fake. Fans think the video looks almost like a parody.

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At that point Angel became a household name. Angel has been performing since he was a .

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His show ran untilwhich happens to be the same year Angel performed the Grand Canyon Death Jump. The idea behind the stunt was that Angel would jump a car off of a ramp into the Grand Canyon, and he would somehow appear in a cage hanging above the canyon from a helicopter.

The stunt was cringe worthy

Angel knows how to hustle. Had the absolute pleasure to spend some time at my studio today with business icon robertherjavec sharktankabc and my long time manager dgbinlbi.

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Angel was only 12, but it still counts. One of his worst offenses was the Grand Canyon Death Jump.

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A magician who can transport an audience into a different world is a special thing. When the fire dies down a second or two later, Angel is above the canyon in the cage.

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When a magic trick is done right, it feels like, well, magic. He is a talented illusionist. CelebrateLife Despite this obviously fake stunt, Angel is actually very successful. Penn and Teller often amaze audiences with their illusions.