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As soon as the Big E shows up, the Rekag ships turn tail and run. The Dorian is ferrying a mediator to Seronia, which is probably why the ship was targeted. Troi brings Alkar to Picard, who loops Admiral Simons in on a discussion over how to proceed.

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Kira Nerys, call me. Imzadi, baby. Just look at Troi explaining the proper way to appreciate a chocolate sundae and tell me that she is not an expert at creating small pleasures and taking time for some self care.

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Despite all that, I refused to let my love for Troi go. Those are quite girly traits to have. Not only that, but as a counselor doing respected and necessary work on a spaceship, Troi proved that the humanities do have a place in space, which is very comforting for some us who are scared of math but love the stars. As I grew up into a fully fledged nerd, I continued to think Troi was the coolest, but I found out that an awful lot of people disagreed with me incredibly passionately on the topic.

She was supposed to have equal the intelligence of Spock. A lot of these critiques are valid. Do you know how much trouble women have with the normal —keeping them out of the way of things, I mean. And what was the deal with her and Riker?

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Both of these throughlines Troi identified and kept a keen eye on, joyfully encouraging them on their journeys. Want more stories like this?

Know another quote from star trek: the next generation?

Besides, how are you going to arrange those four provocatively shaped breasts? I can absolutely picture, however, every single other character taking a bubble bath because Troi told them to. Follow The Mary Sue: Twitter. Bonnie is a writer and journalist who lives in Tasmania, a tiny island at the bottom of the world. Two banks of two? Troi is a wonderful example of what functional sex positivity could look like. She followed her heart where it led her romantically, without shame, and encouraged her friends to do the same. And her looks?

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When she did get her own episodes, they mainly revolved around skeezy love interests, rape metaphors, or cursed forced-alien-pregancy plot lines. Troi can be badass when the occasion calls for it.

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Gene said she was intended to be the brains of the Enterprise, which you would never know from watching it. Women, people of color, and other marginalized fans of Star Trek often get used to watching the show through a kind of double vision—appreciating its attempts at depicting a better, bolder future while also painfully aware of the many sexist, racist, and homophobic hurdles it trips over along the way, appreciating where they tried instead of where they failed.

Have a tip we should know? Four straight up and down? One thing that Rodenberry was very sure about was that the future was going to be very sexy—sometimes too sexy. Become a subscriber and support the site!

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Troi was originally envisioned by Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry as having three or four breasts. Four in a row? I honestly believe you will offend most women, and maybe a lot of men with this character.

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She is endlessly kind, patient, and caring for those around her. Everyone on Discovery is miserable, going through Some Stuff, or about to freaking crack, and most are all three at once. Most of them are unquestionably positive, even if we may question the motives of some of the people behind the scenes who made her that way.

She navigated awkward situations with grace and tact, like when Ro Laren banged Riker when they had no memories.

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She is KIND. So when I got the gray space suit and got cleavage, all my gray matter departed. A therapist now seems like an innately sensible, if not crucial, person to have aboard. When TNG first premiered, the fact that Troi was a therapist and that there was an onboard counsellor was one of the most mocked aspects of the show. They had better be small.

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Maybe next season. Troi is the absolutely the only person on the Enterprise I can picture taking a bubble bath just for herself. Thanks, Troi.

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How quietly lovely. So when the cleavage came, all that left, and I became decorative, like a potted palm on the bridge. That was a shame, because originally Troi was not supposed to be the chick on the show.