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I liked look up chica Clopper my little pony wants shoes

In the wilds of the sexual prairie that is Pornhub, a subset of porn caters to a very particular breed: people who are turned on by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic -themed porn. This group is a much smaller part of a larger, Web-based community known as broniesa fandom devoted to the My Little Pony franchise.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an animated television show targeted at preteen girls, but unexpectedly has gained a following of primarily male adults, who refer to themselves as Bronies. The pressing issue that involves both Bronies and non-Bronies are Cloppers. Cloppers are people who are sexually attracted to the characters in the show, and create, or just enjoy, sexually explicit fan art. This type of fan-art falls under the idea of Rule 34, which is a social construct that if something exists there with always be a porn version if it. It can include, but is not restricted to, images, animation, fan fiction, and even songs.

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I guess that's what it would be. Link to post Share on other sites.

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Are you a clopper? Geez cap lock, must make words.

Do “cloppers” paint a bad image of bronies in the public eye?

VictimoNightmareMoon ReGen 1, Scootalove 10, Onylex 2, Shanks 10, Winona the Dog 1, It's exactly what I do. I agree, there are many things that people are attracted to, and it really bothers me when people say if your attracted to one thing and not the other something is wrong with you. I can't look at erotic anything without ahem, but well that is me.

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Recommended Posts. I've heard bronys read clop fics and not clop: but that makes them for example 'people who read clopfics' not cloppers who don't clop. Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this .

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Who are my to judge another person for what they like? A clopper that doesn't clop would be a person who looks at clop images, and appreciates the artistry, but doesn't partake in I guess they're not a clopper then I mean, why else would they look at rule 34?

Why millennials are masturbating to "my little pony" porn

Although I honestly can't imagine someone making erotic artwork and whatnot without err Honestly though, I think they would be simply considered a brony. Go to topic listing.

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This interreges me what would they be called? It's the clopping that makes a brony a clopper. By MonikerAugust 3, in Sugarcube Corner. Appreciate it?

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Start new topic. I don't clop to ponies but I do find myself looking at ponies showing their plots sometime. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've clopped before, and if I like it I'd probably clop again. What is a clopper that doesn't clop? If there is nothing about it, then be creative, think of something.

Clop (erotic fan art)

No, they clop to it! You see, I was watching this video. A clopper who is in denial, no I am just kidding in all seriousness though the closest definition I can think of is someone who re clopfics look at clop art or both but dosen't actually pleasure themselves or "clop" to it. Are they going to criticize it?

Followers 0. Moon Rat 4, Celtore 2, A clopper that doesn't clop I guess in that case, they would be called a per!

Why are millennials getting off to this?

Sure it's a bit odd, but I'm positive that one could enjoy somewhat erotic fan material without Everyone has something that arouses them, and what may seem weird to you may seem hot to another. Jadefire 2, August 3, Scootaloodle 1, Well someone is either a clopper or there not: and if you clop your a clopper and if you don't your not a clopper. Clopping is a verb, meaning if you dont clop you dont technically count for being a clopper.

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In the herd! Patrick puts it best I think:.

What is a clopper? (video)

This topic is now closed to further replies. I don't see myself how someone can be a clopper who doesn't clop I've heard bronys read clop fics and not clop: but that makes them for example 'people who read clopfics' not cloppers who don't clop. A clopper who doesn't clop is a regular brony but he just doesn't have the need to clop. I think that more things are just more excepted than others like Hentai for example. Therefore I don't consider myself a clopper. Moniker August 3, edited. So, it would just be a weird yet strange coincidence.

Subcultures and sociology

This would be me, I suppose. Without watching that video, I'd venture to guess that a clopper that doesn't clop would just be a regular brony.

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Your just someone who's into clop content and clop related things.