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Many of the highest watched animes of all time fall under the Shonen genre. These are targeted towards teen boys agedthough they attract viewers of all ages and genders. Considering their target audience, many of these shows focus on male characters, with most of the main characters and villains all being men.

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He is her younger brother. Although the two have no blood relationship, she always considers him to be her biological brother… only a brother. Of course he wants something else, but he is afraid that he will create even more distance between them. If their first meeting in life were different, would they have another result? The girl he loves is right in front of his eyes, but is like the wind he can't grasp… What must he do to let her know that he can also become a guardian for her whole life?

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Lead character Chiyuki is years-old.

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Lead characters, Kuriso and Rintaro, are both Bungou Stray Dogs. Be sure to check out the best Spike Spiegal quotes and the best Hellsing quotes.

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Helling's Alucard is physically in his 30s but is technically over six-hundred-years-old. The hero, Atsushi, is years-old.

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Yuri On Ice!!! Jeff Hudson added Spice and Wolf.

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Lead character Nana is about 18 or years-old. Megan Jo McDaniel added Trigun. Every series in this list features a protagonist that is at least years-old, though there is no guarantee that all of these characters act their age.

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Baccono actually follows the point-of-view of many different characters, who all range in ages from young to old. Anime Chris added Samurai Champloo.

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Psycho Pass. One-Punch Man. Death Parade.

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Lead character Hei is KrystalMyth added Berserk. Lead character, Gintoki, is said to be in his 20s by the official Gintama .

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Popular series with adult main characters include Gangsta, Yuri!!! Darker Than Black.

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Lead character Shimazu is age Welcome To The N. Lead character Tatsuhiro is years-old. No matter stage you are at in life, these anime shows are worth checking out!

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Here you will find a collection of heroes and heroines that include, but are not limited to: middle-aged men, college students, civil servant employees, superheroes, wayward artists, legendary warriors, and mad scientists.