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I am An iron fey valentine for woman that loves laweekly

Meghan Chase is the main character of the Iron Fey seriesand the immortal, powerful, and ageless Iron Queen.

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This scene takes place in the Iron King, when Meghan and Ash are searching a warehouse for the trod into the Iron Realm. As Meghan ventures further inside,the trod guardian, a huge iron dragon, springs to life and attacks her. Rating: 5 out of 5 quills. With Meghan Chase. A human. And the princess of the Seelie Court.

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And their reaction to vampires! What do you ask for?

Monday, february 27,

Can't wait for the new one So, so, so incredibly funny! And I love the interview! I love his casual disdain :P.

gorgeous miss Noemi

Ahhhh I am so excited to read this series. Julie Kagawa.

I have the biggest smile on my face. And great job on getting the wisest kitty to you! Seriously, it's awesome. I really liked it : Can't wait to see what The Immortal Rules is all about!

black biatch Ivy

That is all. I laughed every time Puck said "ice boy" :D. Love the interview!

dirty floozy Liliana

LOL I'm not the only one who pestered Brodie to read this!! Come out, come out wherever you areeeeee.

foxy single Della

A very cute interview and I am looking forward to Julie's next book. Lol Grimalkin! If you ever find out the answer to that boxers or briefs question be sure to let me know. Puck, a djinn grants you 3 wishes. I NEED.

See a problem?

Loved the interview it was awesome. OH no, definitely not. Do you think you faeries have some fierce competition on their hands? Love it. There's a character who's a freaking CAT. WHY wasn't I informed about this?!

Puck was funny as ever! Love it! Ash is so clueless sometimes : Cannot wait for The Immortal Rules!! I love these two! It's all sarcasm and insults - wonderful! I can't belive that I still haven't read this series yet! Such a fun interview!

cutie woman Nyomi

I'm attracted to books with cats. While i don't know what The Iron Fey series is about, it still sounds pretty good.

house gal Mia

And I love the way Puck and Ash communicate with each other. I've only read the first book so far, but I fell so in love with Grim! I mish Ash But I can't wait for The Immortal Rules! I'm not high. What are you thoughts on this?

Browse the book that started it all.

OI ASH! Thought I should just point out I've spent the night studying Psychology for my test tomorrow. Why are these books not on my shelf?! It was something that needed to be done!! I suppose i won't mind reading it.

Meghan chase

He makes me want to be more of a cat person! Puck calling Ash "ice boy"!!! That was brilliant!!! And ASH, of course! No way .

ebony female Nalani

Thanks Brodie! Ok, so I read The Iron King, and wasn't a huge fan. Such a nice interview! Thank you for sharing this with us! Christ now I want these books even more. Yea, Julie is a goddess. Ohhhh my sweet goodness, I love that kitty so much!

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That superwomangenius creator of the best faeries in all the land. What an awesome character interview, Brodie and Julie! Hahaha, the boxers or briefs one and the totally not kidding comment Sounds super good.

fit woman Harlow

I really did like it. They're so funny :. And this interview proves my case a million times over!

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Looking forward to The Immortal Rules :. And no one can resist him. I miss these characters so much already. Thanks for the great interview!

white milf Meadow

The iron Fey interviews are the best- and the funniest! Can you share one of your more fond or memorable adventures together? I might have to pick up book 2 soon! So glad you're a converted Iron Fey fan Brodie. Thanks for this interview! Have you secretly taken a side? I have the next two books in the series, because I was intrigued enough to think I'd eventually get to them, but was still a bit meh. XD NOW. And he is moody.

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This amazing lady managed to wrangle in her three main faeries and one particularly sullen cat to sit for an interview with Lisa and I. Action, adventure, romance and such an imaginative world If you haven't read them yet, I suggest you do so now, unless you'd like Puck to persuade you In ways you won't want to experience. I cannot wait!

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But what else can we really expect with Julie's characters, Lisa, and you in the room, Brodie? And it's one of my favourite books of ! So tell us, Meghan Put the sword down, Ash! While not a tradition we imagine to be celebrated amongst the fey Some are even sporting Team Grimalkin badges! Ash, we know you and Puck share a very But you were once the best of friends, despite his annoyingly charming ways!

I've missed blogging, and what a perfect interview to come back to! Okay, not to that extent, but close. He is funny.